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Project Banaba is a touring exhibition by artist and scholar Katerina Teaiwa first commissioned by Carriageworks on Gadigal land, Sydney, in 2017. The multimedia installation is curated by lead curator Yuki Kihara working in close partnership with a locally-engaged curator. 

It combines textiles, film, photographs, archival texts and the voices of Banaban scholars, artists, activists, leaders, and colonial, mining and agricultural officials. 

The story covers almost a century of phosphate mining, protest, Indigenous displacement, superphosphate fertiliser production, and the consumption and decimation of this small but globally valuable Pacific island.

Katerina Teaiwa & Yuki Kihara

Lisa Havillah
Lisa Ffrench
Kirsten Farrell
Tayla Blewitt-Gray
Dana Castle
Daniel Edwards
Greer Versteeg
Helen Pilkinton
Prajdnik Awasthi
Jess Mio
James Price
Laura Vodanovich
Caren Rangi & family
Talei Mangioni

Mitiana Arbon
Michael Fitzgerald
Jess Mio
Maggie Kaipati
Rae Bainteiti
Pelenise Alofa

Sean & Vaitoa Mallon
Manoa Teaiwa
Maria Teaiwa-Rutherford
Nicholas, Tearia & Kiera Teaiwa Mortimer
John and Joan Teaiwa
Teaiwa Kainga on Rabi & everywhere
Para Site
MTG Hawke’s Bay Tai Ahuriri
Te Uru Waitakere
Banaban community Aotearoa
ANU School of Art
ANU School of Culture, History & Language


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